Innovative drivetrain solutions for e-mobility and more


We are pioneering the electrification of vehicle drivetrains

Vitesco Technologies is already a global provider of electrification solutions. Hardly any other suppliers are able to provide complete electrification of the drivetrain from a single source: from 48 volt systems via integrated hybrid concepts to purely electric drive systems, combined with highly efficient power and charging electronics and a battery management system that is optimized through an intelligent thermal management. As a pioneer of mild hybridization, we are able to make fuel savings of over 20% in urban traffic a reality with our 48 volt technologies. A focus of development is also on intelligent use of new opportunities that accompany electrification, such as more electrically driven components and economic power-on-demand functions. In all our innovations, we put our faith in a healthy cost–benefit ratio, because only economical and practical solutions make it into series production.

Experience and know-how

Vitesco Technologies covers all major automotive customers worldwide.