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Cooperation with Suppliers

For Vitesco Technologies the successful cooperation with our suppliers is an essential component for the success of the company. Vitesco Technologies is committed to honesty and integrity with respect to our entire business conduct towards employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders. 
Vitesco Technologies expects of all our business partners to act with the same fairness, honesty, responsibility and commitment to corporate social responsibility in all aspects of their business.

Fair play is one of our fundamental philosophies, including in our dealings with suppliers. Any deviation should be reported via the anonymous Compliance & Anti-Corruption Hotline. Further information on cooperation, our values and expectations as well as our sustainability and safety regulations are listed below and available in the download area. 


Purchasing & SQM

Vitesco Technologies is constantly searching not only for new potential clients, but also for new potential suppliers and business partners.
It is our goal to ensure the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction through sustainable and competitive purchasing and thus contribute significantly to the success of the company. 

Within Vitesco Technologies, all procurement activities are therefore managed centrally by the "Purchasing & SQM" department. 
Our globally operating teams deal with the topics production material, non-production material and services. 

Suppliers who are interested in a cooperation can contact the Purchasing Department of Vitesco Technologies via the contact form.
Important information such as our General Terms and Conditions and our Business Partner Code of Conduct can be found in the download area.

Supply Chain Management

In order to ensure a flexible and demand-oriented supply for our global customers, all suppliers should cooperate closely with Vitesco Technologies.
Economic processes and structures are state of the art requirements in the automotive industry. Therefore our suppliers need to understand the general supply chain processes at Vitesco Technologies and the basic rules of cooperation, which are summarized in the Global Supply Chain Concept.
Further information and documents can be found in our download area.


Vitesco Technologies plays a vital role in the area of payments and supplier invoicing as an agile and environmentally conscious company.
E-Invoicing allows for high saving of costs and rescources both for our suppliers as well as for Vitesco Technologies.
We welcome electronic invoices. Prerequisites for e-Invoicing and detailed information can be found in our download area. 


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    REACH Legislation

    REACH is a central part of the European chemical legislation.

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    Environment & Safety

    Please find here information on sustainability and safety regulations.



Here you can find all documents
Please note that the “Business Partner Code of Conduct” for Vitesco Technologies is identical with the “Business Partner Code of Conduct” for Continental. The only distinction is the respectively different legal entity.