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Combustion Solutions

Solutions for the Internal Combustion Engine

Optimization of combustion and hybrid engines for maximum efficiency

Further ICE efficiency and emission improvements are still necessary to meet ever more stringent legislative requirements. Vitesco Technologies’ engine management solutions increase engine thermal efficiency, while our electrically heated catalyst and accompanying catalyst controller greatly reduce pollutant emissions through smart exhaust after treatment.

Between improvements of the ICE, innovative exhaust after treatment solutions, and various degrees of electrification, Vitesco Technologies offers a wide range of solutions for car makers in their journey to sustainable mobility.

Electronic Control Units

A special expertise in system development, software and electronics has made Vitesco Technologies a global leader in engine and transmission control units. Our modular portfolio of micro controllers, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), circuit blocks, and software library enable a short time-to-market and to harvest scale effects while ensuring the highest quality level.

Working closely with car makers, we have leveraged our electronics and software DNA to create a family of Master Controllers for domain and cross-domain E/E architectures. Our PowerSAR (an efficiency-optimized software technology based on AUTOSAR) platform software provides a flexible software integration framework for high performance Master Controllers which host the higher-level control algorithms for hybrid powertrain management.

Air Management

The air path provides an important lever to further increase the ICE efficiency and to reduce emissions. For air path management, Vitesco Technologies offers a highly efficient turbocharger to facilitate engine downsizing, and a portfolio of actuators and valves which control the intake of air and the dosage of recirculated exhaust gas (EGR).

In tandem with mass air flow and pressure sensors, these products ensure that the air path contributes to the optimal conditions required for a high thermodynamic efficiency and for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particle emissions.
Air Path Management

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Fluid & Evaporation Management

Considering the increasingly stringent emissions legislations worldwide, pollutant sources such as re-fueling and evaporation emissions are gaining importance. Vitesco Technologies has a true expert’s long-standing system knowledge in this field, with the modules, pumps, and valves, which effectively minimize this source of emissions.

Combustion & Exhaust Gas After-treatment

Vitesco Technologies’ electronics and electrification solutions contribute substantially to meeting the emission targets applicable to an ICE. For instance, our electronics and software provide the needed high precision control of urea dosing and spray formation, for robust Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NOx in the exhaust system.

Another Vitesco Technologies solution addresses challenges in exhaust catalyst temperature management. During prolonged engine-off periods - as is the case in hybrid powertrains - the catalytic converter cools down to a point below its minimum operating temperature of 250 °C. When the ICE is re-started, the catalyst requires a certain period to reach its “light-off” operating temperature. During the engine cold start phase, this time lapse until light-off also needs to be short to minimize the total emissions within a cycle. Vitesco Technologies’ electrically heated catalyst (EHC) EMICAT® ensures that the catalyst begins to act quickly and that it permanently maintains its operating temperature in order to minimize the emissions after re-starting the engine, e.g. at the end of an engine-off period.

Meeting emission limits requires innovative sensors and actuators. One example is the NOx sensor which provides the basic input for a precise control of the emissions during real-world driving (Real Driving Emissions, RDE). This sensor along with many others deliver the data for a continuous control of exhaust gas after-treatment.
Combustion & Exhaust Gas After-treatment

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Automatic transmission systems are gaining market share worldwide. According to market studies, in 2025 approximately two thirds of all new vehicles are expected to be fitted with some type of automatic transmission. This increase will happen not least because of the expected growing number of hybrid vehicles. 

Vitesco Technologies offers intelligent electronic solutions for both automatic and hybrid transmissions, delivering fuel efficiency and comfort. Our portfolio of electrified transmission solutions also includes efficient brushless electric motors, electronic oil pump, electrically actuated clutches, electric gear-shift actuators, sensor clusters, and single position encoders or pressure sensors.

Thermal Management for the ICE

Vitesco Technologies offers electric pumps, intelligent coolant valves, and sensors for the coolant circuit to support an optimal temperature control of the combustion engine.

Combustion Technology Products