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The trends that move us


Our mobility must and will change. Alternative forms of mobility are needed, as cities are suffering from space shortages and pollution. Shorter distances show a strong trend toward electrified micromobility. Digital platforms enable access to a wide range of mobility services and optimize the selection and booking process for different means of transportation. Ownership models are also changing. Individual vehicle ownership is declining, especially in urban areas, whereby fleet companies profit. The fulfilment of individual transport needs represents a major growing market of the future. Predominantly electrically powered, autonomous shuttles and aircraft will play a decisive role in the area of public passenger and goods transportation. These innovative mobility concepts are based on a holistic networking of means of transport, infrastructure and end consumers. Big-data technologies will open up new markets for the acquisition (sensors in vehicles and infrastructure), analysis (algorithms), distribution (between cars and infrastructure), and protection (cybersecurity) of data. Based on the data collected, innovative solutions for real-time route planning,  optimization of transport logistics and intelligent traffic management in cities are being developed.

The sustainable mobility of the future

Vitesco Technologies develops innovative, efficient powertrain technologies for the future.