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The trends that move us


Globally, the reduction of emissions is moving into stronger focus of legislators. This includes a stricter regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. CO2 and Methane) on the one hand and a more stringent limit value for pollutant emissions (e.g. nitrogen oxides and particles) on the other. This especially applies to the mobility sector. Low-emission zones are becoming increasingly common in the world’s largest cities in order to minimize air pollution. In the not-too-distant future, vehicles with conventional fuel engines could be largely banned from many inner cities. In turn, considerable effort has been made by legislators around the world to incentivize the proliferation of electric vehicles. The increasing prevalence of electric drives will increase the regulatory requirements for battery materials. There are currently no recycling regulations, but this will become relevant as soon as the first electric vehicle batteries reach the end of their life. In this context, the holistic consideration of environmental influences of a product along the complete value chain will gain more importance.

The sustainable mobility of the future

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