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The trends that move us


The automotive industry is currently undergoing the biggest change in its existence. The future manufacturing of vehicles will be marked by a changed value chain characterized by the interlinking of integrated production systems and dynamic business and development processes. New manufacturers and companies with innovative mobility concepts are entering the market, driving the revolution in clean vehicles. The amount of software-based functionalities and solutions is becoming increasingly important and will account for around 30 percent of a vehicle's value by 2030. In this context, the software is increasingly decoupling from the hardware. In addition to providers of hardware components, pure software providers are increasingly entering the market. These different core competences as well as the increasing demands on sustainability of new mobility concepts require a comprehensive cooperation of all market participants. The expected shortage of important resources for the production of electric drive components and batteries such as lithium and cobalt underlines the importance of a sustainable supply chain.

The sustainable mobility of the future

Vitesco Technologies develops innovative, efficient powertrain technologies for the future.