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Global developments from 2020 to 2030

Society, technology, and mobility in transformation

The global trend toward urbanization is changing our world. In conurbations with a lack of space, people demand sustainable solutions to minimize emissions from their mobility options. In this context, they no longer necessarily want to own their means of transport, but rather to use modern intermodal services as conveniently as possible. Old habits are being thrown overboard and innovations eagerly taken on board. This holds potential for companies from all industries to shape the future. And it holds potential for technological pioneers who offer the powertrain technologies for a clean future. That is the exact area of expertise of Vitesco Technologies.

The trends that move us

  • Society

    Future living shaped by environmental awareness and new requirements.

  • Legislation

    Tougher regulations promote the development of sustainable mobility.

  • Industry

    Transformations in the value chain are changing our business environment.

  • Mobility

    New mobility concepts as result of increasing networks.

  • Drive technologies

    New drive technologies as foundation for sustainable mobility.


The sustainable mobility of the future

Vitesco Technologies develops innovative, efficient drive technologies for the future.