Vehicle efficiency

Vehicle efficiency

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Vehicle Efficiency


Automatic transmissions can make an important contribution to the efficiency of a vehicle and to the overall driving experience. Ultimately, the transmission establishes the connection between the engine and the wheel. A powertrain as a whole can therefore only be as good as its transmission. The comfort and efficiency of this power transmission depend heavily on the gear control unit. When and how fast does the vehicle switch? How are vibrations reduced? When is the engine turned off? Is electrical energy integrated? Does the vehicle recuperate? In short, how can power be transferred to the wheels as efficiently and seamlessly as possible? Nowadays, highly integrated controllers deliver more and more power, even in confined spaces and extremely hot and aggressive environments, for over ten years or more and over 180,000 miles or more. Increasingly compact solutions with new materials, new manufacturing processes, and new generations of components also create space for the additional integration of electric engines into the transmission. This transforms power into driving comfort.

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