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Vienna Motor Symposium 2021

At the 42. Vienna Motor Symposium, 76 interesting lectures were presented on an own event platform over two days (April 29-30). A virtual exhibition complemented the high-quality lecture program.
Vitesco Technologies presented selected products and solutions for efficient and clean mobility.


Modular Platform for an Efficient 400 V Electric Powertrain

(Dr. Gerd Rösel, Nico Daun, Petra Mönius, Gunther Mühlberg, Alexander Reich)

© Vitesco Technologies

PlugIn for all – Cost Efficiency for PHEV Powertrain Based on Dedicated Hybrid Transmission

(Dr.-Ing. Kiarash Sabzewari, Magdalena Vieracker, Johannes Hofstetter, Philipp Meerbrei)

© Vitesco Technologies

The Car’s Electronic Architecture in Motion: The Coming Transformation

(Ralph Mader, Gerd Winkler, Thomas Reindl, Nirad Pandya)

© Vitesco Technologies

Leading the Fast Transition to Electric Mobility

(Thomas Stierle)

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