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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

General Information

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are created by the websites you have visited. They are used to make modern websites optimally usable or to provide the operator with certain information about the website.

The use of some cookies is optional and can be activated or deactivated by you here. All voluntary cookies are deactivated by default. However, cookies that are absolutely necessary are always activated because they are indispensable for the trouble-free operation of the site. In these cases, cookies may also be set without your express consent, as the website service cannot otherwise be made available to you for technical reasons.


Privacy settings

Kentico CMS Cookies

Cookie Type of Cookie Retention Time Purpose
ASP.NET_SessionId Technical necessary cookie Expires at the end of the session. Keeps the user session ID for security reasons. Important that the website is available for visitors.
CMSCsrfCookie Technical necessary cookie Expires at the end of the session. Cookie is used to enable secure contact forms. Stores a security token (identification feature) that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests. Via the token, an encrypted key is set for every user. The token is only valid for the duration of the visit. This process protects users against hacker attacks.
CMSPreferredCulture Functional cookie 365 days Stores the visitor's preferred content culture (language).

PiwikPro Cookies (web analytics)

Cookie Type of Cookie Retention Time Purpose
ppms_privacy_819958cc-4f49-11e7-963e-000d3a2a450a Necessary cookie 365 days Stores visitor's given consent in the cookie banner. This information will be stored 365 days. Cookie banner will not appear if visitor returns within time frame.
pk_ses.0a57e59e-b15a-402c-b7a8-ec38cae1e9c5.2cf4 Tracking
30 minutes If this cookie is set, it can be tracked that a visitor to the website is a specific user for 30 minutes. This supports Vitesco Technologies to track that any multiple clicks on a page are counted only once. This improves the statistical data of the website. The behaviour of the users will not be tracked individually.
pk_id.0a57e59e-b15a-402c-b7a8-ec38cae1e9c5.2cf4 Tracking cookie 365 days Cookie is used to recognize visitors and hold their settings if or if not the user has accepted constent of data collection. One individual user can be recognized for the next 365 days. User behaviour is tracked in order to improve Vitesco Technologies online appearance.

Mouseflow Cookies (Web analytics)

Cookie Type of Cookie Retention Time Purpose
mf_85290812-78a4-4ea4-876a-28003a1272d8 Tracking cookie Expires at the end of the session. This cookie contains information about the current session (visit), but does not contain any information that can identify the visitor. The cookie is deleted when the session ends, meaning when the user leaves the website. This cookie is used to analyze user behavior on our website, in order to improve the user experience. Heatmaps are created by collective data analysis and individual sessions are randomly tracked. All collected data are analyzed anonymously.
mf_user Tracking cookie 90 days This cookie is set to identify whether the user is a returning or first time visitor. This is done by a yes/no toggle - no further information about the user is stored.
All listed cookies are first party cookies.