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Sustainability at Vitesco Technologies


We take responsibility – economically, ecologically, socially.

Sustainability is an integral part of Vitesco Technologies' business model. With innovative and efficient solutions, we aim to reduce the environmental impacts of the automotive industry worldwide and promote emission-free mobility in the long term. Our leadership is fully committed to actively manage the transformation of our portfolio into the electrified future, aiming for profitable growth and continue delivering on operational excellence.

Beyond our products, we actively drive sustainability in all business activities along the value chain. Our DIRECTION 2030 reflects this amition in the claim "Driver of Sustainability" and identifies as one of our five strategic focus areas. A defined environmental, social and governance concept will lead us on our path.

Our Sustainability Agenda

Through clearly defined topics, targets and KPIs, we will drive sustainability along the value chain. Our strategic approach reflects Vitesco Technologies' business model and values, our commitment to rules, policies and international frameworks, legal requirements, as well as expectations from customers and future investors.

Powering clean mobility is our mission. As electronics champion we are leading the transition of automotive powertrain suppliers towards e-mobility. By providing innovative electrification solutions, we contribute to reducing the environmental impacts of the automotive industry and promote emission-free mobility worldwide.
With technologies and measures to protect the climate, we proactively counteract global warming and promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our business activities and product life cycle. We aim for climate neutrality in our production, development and administration sites, and step by step along the entire value chain.
We are committed to the efficient use of natural resources and prevent pollution such as emissions to soil, air, and water and reduce waste. We decrease the consumption of energy, water, raw materials and operation materials and strive for closed resource and production cycles.
Passionate, Partnering, Pioneering. Based on these values, we offer our employees fair and attractive working conditions with personal freedom and empowerment, opportunities for training and career, and a special focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and flexibility.
Socially and environmentally responsible action does not end at our plant gates. We are actively committed to ethical business practices, sustainability and human rights due diligence in our business relationships and stand for responsible sourcing and considerate collaboration with our suppliers.
Safety and health protection are essential elements of our company culture. We undertake preventative measures, eliminate hazards, reduce risks and protect all persons in our company from accidents and work-related illnesses. We actively foster the health of our employees and conduct operational support emergency management to avoid damage to people, asset, and the environment.
Offering robust products and services worldwide resulting in defect prevention and contributing to waste reduction is our top priority. We achieve this by our continuously improving lean and agile processes that are set up, guided and implemented through our quality management system. This leads to consistently improving customer satisfaction and contribution to business success.
We continuously invest in research and development and drive innovation and new business models. Electrification and operational excellence are our success factors, efficiency and sustainability guide us on our path.
Ethics, integrity and fair business practices form the foundation of our governance. With our global compliance organization, we ensure compliance with the law and internal policies, detect risks and prevent violations. This includes measures to combat corruption and bribery in accordance with industry-leading standards.
We see ourselves as a member of society and take responsibility for our business and its impact on the communities in which we live and operate. Through social engagement at our locations worldwide, we aim to make a positive contribution to society and the well-being of local communities.

Our Sustainability Organisation

A cross-functional sustainability team is responsible for implementing environmental, social and governance measures across the company and forms the interface with internal and external key stakeholders. At top management level, a Sustainability Committee steers and monitors these activities. The strategic importance of sustainability is also reflected in Vitesco Technologies‘ compensation system. Selected sustainability KPIs are integrated into the long-term incentive plan of top management and executives.

Sustainability Report

The first Vitesco Technologies sustainability report in alignment with external standards like the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact is to be published in spring 2022.