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Our Strategy DIRECTION 2030

Our Vision

Vitesco Technologies

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Our Target: We pave the way for clean mobility through electrification.

Our Spirit: We develop intelligent, reliable solutions to enable (e)motion.

Our Arena: We make e-mobility possible everywhere  – for every market, every architecture, for everyone.

Our Mission

Vitesco Technologies

© Vitesco Technologies

Our solutions power the sustainable, efficient flow of people, goods and services. We base our business on a clear commitment to reduce emissions. Through our solutions, we are shaping the future of clean mobility

  • as part of our responsibility to society,
  • as a reliable partner to our customers and
  • as a smart choice for investors.

We empower our people to follow their passion in contributing to this goal.

Our DIRECTION 2030 provides a strategic framework by offering meaning and guidance for our organization towards 2030.

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our focus areas


Our strategy DIRECTION 2030 consists of of five focus areas. They contain concrete examples of how we implement our strategy.

Leader in Electrified Solutions
We believe that all powertrains will be electrified in the future.
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 Business Excellence
We believe that business excellence is the basis to manage the transition from combustion to electrified drive systems.
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 Great People, Great Company
We believe that our people are the key factor for success.
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 Driver of Sustainability
We believe that sustainability is an essential success factor for future business.
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 Investors‘ Choice
We believe that we are a smart choice for investors.
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